Important Tips to Clean Your Hair Tools

A good hairdresser knows that keeping tools fresh is an essential part of the job.

After all, how can you provide excellent services without excellent equipment?

To bend your haircut chops, you will need clippers and well-groomed blades to support you. This means that your hair clipper must be cleaned properly and regularly.

Read on for our 3 essential tips for cleaning your hair clipper. Using them, you will make sure that your finances and knives will remain intact.

1. Clean and disinfect daily

Relying on periodic deep cleanings will quickly degrade your hair clipper. Daily maintenance of the mower is vital to prolong the hygiene and efficiency of your blades.

It is also crucial for the hygiene of your customers. Here’s how to use the mower blade wash, which would cost no more than, in your daily maintenance routine:

  1. Dose part of the washing of the mower blade in a shallow dish
  2. Remove as much dirt and excess hair as possible from the mower blades
    1. Use a large brush first, then a small brush for hard-to-reach places
  3. Put the blades in the dish while they are still attached to the mower
    1. Try to make sure that only the blades are immersed in the wax
  4. Turn on the trimmer, you will not see dirt and hair leaving the blades, about 20-30 seconds

The mower blade was usually disinfected. But if the product is not formalized to disinfect, take a few more measures with a little alcohol:

  1. Clean the shell or take out a new one, then pour alcohol into it
  2. Immerse your knives, wait about 10 to 20 seconds, then remove them to dry with a soft microfiber cloth

Daily cleaning of hair clippers does not take long. Be sure to prepare your knives for a brand new day for the satisfaction and cleanliness of your customers.

2. Hague

After reaching and disinfecting your blades, use hair clipper oil to prevent your blades from rusting. How to preserve the life of your knives with Clipper Oil:

Use a drop of oil on each top of the reduced and disinfected blade

  1. Not too much oil
  2. Turn on the mower to allow the oil to spread evenly before changing the mower
  3. Leave to rest overnight in a place where it does not attract dust
  4. In the morning, remove excess oil with a soft microfiber cloth

The remaining blades degrade quickly and will not be safe or effective to use on the hair. Preventing rust on your knives will keep them sharp and structurally sound.

3. Use The Mower Well

Half of the maintenance of the hair clipper is to clean and disinfect your blades daily. But the other half uses your trimmer correctly while cutting hair. Here are some tips for using your hair clipper properly:

  • Aim your scissors well towards your hair clipper
  • Avoid other people using your hair clipper
  • Use your clipper only to cut hair
  • Be careful when placing your hair clipper on the counter to avoid damage
  • Carefully read the instructions on the packaging of your clipper product, as they may differ from other models

Cleaning and proper use of the trimmer are necessary to keep your blades in their optimal condition. Do not neglect either, and your customers will be delighted with your quality of service and competence.

Ensure the quality of service by cleaning your hair clipper
Most people have more time than money. That’s why taking a few minutes a day to clean your hair clipper doesn’t just guarantee impeccable service.

It also saves you a world of long-term problems, both for your customers and for your finances. Give the best to your knives and your wallet by taking into account proper daily cleaning and treatment.

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