Expected Salary of a hairdressers in Texas

Did you know that hairdressers were known as hairdressing surgeons before the 19th century? Among other things, these experienced hairdressers performed operations, repaired fractures, and treated and extracted teeth.)

Although the profession of hairdressing surgeon no longer exists, hairdressing is still a great career today. While the salary of a barber-surgeon would be phenomenal today, the income of a hairdresser is different now.

Wondering what the salary of a hairdresser is? Look no further. We have compiled a guide to find out what the salary of a hairdresser is, what career expectations he has, and how to become one.

Keep reading to get all the information you need to start thinking about a career as a hairdresser today.

What to expect when you start a hairdressing career

Becoming a hairdresser requires training and developing skills. To become an experienced hairdresser, you need to start training.

By enrolling in a 1000-hour course at a hairdressing school, you will learn the rules and regulations of the profession, including knowledge of haircuts and cuts, as well as beard and mustache care.

You will also take courses such as Texas Barber laws and Rules, science of shaving, elementary chemistry and hygienic bacteriology. When these courses are completed and your hairdressing training is underway, you can proceed with testing your shaving license.

You will take a written and a practical exam – both to secure your license. The written exam is taken on the computer, and the practical exam is designed to demonstrate your skills. You will need your own delivery set and mannequin to test this and perform various hairdressing services.

After passing both exams, you are eligible to receive the first hairdressing license from the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation.

After you get your license, your next step is to find a suitable hair salon where you can work, or even consider starting your own business.

What is the salary of a hairdresser in Texas?

As of December 28, 2020, the average salary of a hairdresser in Texas. This can range, depending on your expertise, place of work and additional certifications.

Texas is the state with the highest employment level for women, according to the May 2018 BLS statistics.

The BLS also reports that the profession is expected to grow by 13% from 2016 to 2026, which is higher than most increases in other professions.

Growing up as a hairdresser depends on where you work, on your experience and reviews. Gaining a good reputation takes time and energy, but it will increase your sales and allow you to raise your prices after. You have the potential to grow as a hairdresser and prove your skills in the future.

How to grow as a hairdresser

If you have done everything possible to prepare for a career as a hairdresser, you can get started.

Obtaining your license is a big step in the right direction for a great career. If you work towards your goal in hairdressing, you will soon earn a hairdressing salary.

If this article has helped you to move in the direction you want to go, read our post about the benefits of a hairdresser.

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